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On the cover: About 100,000 years ago, Diverse Homo species coexisted with our own species Homo sapiens. The Harbin cranium, or the Dragon Man, is one of the best preserved Middle Pleistocene human fossils. The cranium has a large cranial capacity falling in the range of modern humans, but is combined with a mosaic of primitive and derived characters. Phylogenetic analyses suggest that the diversification of the Homo genus had a much more distant past than previously presumed. The Harbin cranium and some other Middle Pleistocene human fossils from China represent the third human lineage that is the sister group of H. sapiens and has closer relationships with H. sapiens than Neanderthals with H. sapiens. Multiple Homo lineages in Africa, Asia and Europe probably had a strong capability for long-distance dispersal, but remained in relatively small and isolated populations. Diverse palaeoenvironments in Asia may have produced a varied biogeographic sink for human evolution.
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> Review
Mechanisms of Plant Responses and Adaptation to Soil Salinity
--Chunzhao Zhao et al.
> Commentary
Refections on the catastrophic 2020 Yangtze River basin flooding in southern China
--Ke Wei et al.
> Commentary
Reflections on the Catastrophic 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires
--Bin Jalaludin et al.
> Editorial
Future Earth and Sustainable Developments
--Hai Cheng
> Report
Shortened Duration and Reduced Area of Frozen Soil in the Northern Hemisphere
--Ting Li et al.
> Report
Ambient Air Pollution and Low Temperature Associated with Case Fatality of COVID-19: A Nationwide Retrospective Cohort Study in China
--Fei Tian et al.
> Report
Adsorption and Desorption Mechanisms on Graphene Oxide Nanosheets: Kinetics and Tuning
--Xiaodan Qu et al.
> News & Buzz
Zhurong: Features and Mission of China's First Mars Rover
--He Tian et al.
> Commentary
Low-latitude Forcing: A New Insight into Paleo-climate Changes
--Pinxian Wang et al.
> Commentary
What Triggered the Asian Elephant's Northward Migration Across Southwestern Yunnan?
--Haijun Wang et al.
> Commentary
Climate Change, Environmental Factors, and COVID-19: Current Evidence and Urgent Actions
--Runmei Ma et al.
> Commentary
Learning from Nature for Healthcare, Energy, and Environment
--Xiao Xiao et al.
> Editorial
Carbon Neutrality: Toward a Sustainable Future
--Jing M. Chen
> Report
Geochemical Provenancing and Direct Dating of the Harbin Archaic Human Cranium
--Qingfeng Shao et al.
> Article
Massive Cranium from Harbin in Northeastern China Establishes a New Middle Pleistocene Human Lineage
--Xijun Ni et al.
> Commentary
Late Middle Pleistocene Harbin Cranium Represents a New Homo Species
--Qiang Ji et al.
> Report
Coupled Deep-mantle Carbon-water Cycle: Evidence from Lower-mantle Diamonds
--Wenzhong Wang et al.
> News & Buzz
Accelerated Spread of Fukushima's Waste Water by Ocean Circulation
--Gengxin Chen et al.
> Report
Bridging the Knowledge Gap on the Evolution of the Asian Monsoon During 26¨C16 Ma
--Gan Xie et al.
> Article
Restored Relationship between ENSO and Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall Around 1999/2000
--Xianke Yang et al.
> Commentary
China Starts the World¡¯s Hardest ¡°Sky-High Road¡± Project: Challenges and Countermeasures for Sichuan-Tibet Railway
--Yiguo Xue et al.
> Report
Bridging the Energy Benefit and POPs Emission Risk from Waste Incineration
--Cui Li et al.
> Commentary
A Credit System to Solve Agricultural Nitrogen Pollution
--Baojing Gu et al.
> News & Buzz
New Lunar Samples Returned by Chang'e-5: Opportunities for New Discoveries and International Collaboration
--Wei Yang et al.
> Article
Daily CO2 Emission Reduction Indicates the Control of Activities to Contain COVID-19 in China
--Rong Wang et al.


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