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The Innovation í¬ published by Cell Press in partnership with members of the Youth
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Sciencesí¬is a new broad-scope, open access journal publishing basic and applied
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On the cover: Human civilization has been boosted by the development of chemistry, from fire-using to artificial fuels and chemicals. The advancement of chemistry brings us closer than ever to the nature of microscopic universe. Now, chemists are playing a critical role to develop green energy and intelligent materials. For a bright future of humanity, more and more breakthroughs in chemical technology are needed.
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The Innovation | Master: Zhiyong Tang
His research interest involves the self-assembled functional nanomaterials. He has proposed the construction of supraparticles by self-assembly of nanoparticles as building blocks and realized the regulation of the optical activity of supraparticles as well as their application in catalysis. His main research accomplishments include: (1) precise synthesis of building blocks for assembly and methodology of nano-assembly; (2) general strategies for regulating the optical activity of supraparticles; (3) versatile applications of hierarchical supraparticles in catalysis.
The Innovation | Master: Buxing Han
His research interest is the interdisciplinary area of physical chemistry and green chemistry, and has achieved significantly in the chemical thermodynamics of green solvent systems and the application of green solvents in chemical reactions and material synthesis, including 1. the chemical thermodynamics of the green solvent systems; 2. synthesis of catalytic materials in green solvents; 3. catalytic conversion of CO2 and biomass to produce chemicals and fuels.
The Innovation | Master: Hai Cheng
His research interest is the interdisciplinary area of isotope geochemistry and global climate change, and has achieved significantly U-series dating and the application of U-series dating in global climate change research, including 1. the technical developments of U-series; 2. global climate change research based on speleothem paleoclimatic reconstructions; 3. 14C calibration; 4. developments of triple-oxygen-isotope analytical technique.
The Innovation | Master: Lin Shen
Her research interest is the oncology of gastrointestinal cancer diagnosis, therapy and Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) therapy, including: 1. based on the abundant patients, leading many clinical trials to explore the treatment of advanced gastrointestinal cancers. 2. established the pre-clinical PDX models of advanced gastrointestinal cancers which was widely used in the development of research and new drugs. 3. the research based on the molecular subtyping, efficacy prediction markers and resistance mechanism of gastrointestinal cancers.
The Innovation | Master: Kenneth J. Hsu
His innovative research in the fields of tectonic geology, sedimentology, paleoclimology, oceanography and evolutionary biology has made outstanding contributions to the creation of plate tectonic theory, desiccation of the Mediterranean, global paleoenvironmental change and the hypothesis of mass extinction, and his scientific and humanworks have become bestsellers worldwide.
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