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The Innovation í¬ published by Cell Press in partnership with members of the Youth
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On the cover: Human civilization has been boosted by the development of chemistry, from fire-using to artificial fuels and chemicals. The advancement of chemistry brings us closer than ever to the nature of microscopic universe. Now, chemists are playing a critical role to develop green energy and intelligent materials. For a bright future of humanity, more and more breakthroughs in chemical technology are needed.
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February 28, 2021 Volume 2, Issue 1
> Editorial
Organic Synthesis: A Plea for Pure Science
--Henry N.C. Wong
> News & Buzz
New Lunar Samples Returned by Chang'e-5: Opportunities for New Discoveries and International Collaboration
--Wei Yang et al.
> News & Buzz
Dealing with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza: An Impending Crisis
--Runshan Lin et al.
> Commentary
Mapping the Human Brain: What Is the Next Frontier?
--Lingzhong Fan
> Commentary
A Credit System to Solve Agricultural Nitrogen Pollution
--Baojing Gu et al.
> Commentary
Tackling COVID-19 in Africa: A Focus on Nigeria's Peculiarities and Challenges
--Oritoke Modupe Aluko et al.
> Perspective
Integration of Soft Electronics and Biotissues
--Chuan Fei Guo et al.
> Article
Fast Evaporation Enabled Ultrathin Polymer Coatings on Nanoporous Substrates for Highly Permeable Membranes
--Xiansong Shi et al.
> Article
Subtle Side Chain Triggers Unexpected Two-Channel Charge Transport Property Enabling 80% Fill Factors and Efficient Thick-Film Organic Photovoltaics
--Yonghai Li et al.
> Article
Cardiorespiratory Effects of Indoor Ozone Exposure Associated with Changes in Metabolic Profiles among Children: A Repeated-Measure Panel Study
--Shan Liu et al.
> Report
Controllable Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species on Cyano-Group-Modified Carbon Nitride for Selective Epoxidation of Styrene
--Hao Tan et al.
> Report
Bridging the Energy Benefit and POPs Emission Risk from Waste Incineration
--Cui Li et al.
> Report
Structural Basis of SARS-CoV-2 Polymerase Inhibition by Favipiravir
--Qi Peng et al.
> Report
Chirality-Induced Giant Unidirectional Magnetoresistance in Twisted Bilayer Graphene
--Yizhou Liu et al.
> Report
A Static Magnetic Field Improves Iron Metabolism and Prevents High-Fat-Diet/Streptozocin-Induced Diabetes
--Biao Yu et al.
> Report
Contribution of Temperature Increase to Restrain the Transmission of COVID-19
--Mengyuan Ren et al.
> Report
Ambient Temperature and Years of Life Lost: A National Study in China
--Tao Liu et al.
> Report
Plasma Heating Induced by Tadpole-like Downflows in the Flaring Solar Corona
--Tanmoy Samanta et al.
> Report
Small Molecular NIR-II Fluorophores for Cancer Phototheranostics
--Hanming Dai et al.
> Review
Orderly Porous Covalent Organic Frameworks-based Materials: Superior Adsorbents for Pollutants Removal from Aqueous Solutions
--Xiaolu Liu et al.
> Review
Artificial Structural Colors and Applications
--Zhiyi Xuan et al.
> Review
Clinical Applications of Serum Anti-MĘ╣llerian Hormone Measurements in Both Males and Females: An Update
--Huiyu Xu et al.


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