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The Innovation ¡ª published by Cell Press in partnership with members of the Youth
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On the cover: Earth, home of human beings, is 70% water and 30% land which has nurtured splendid civilizations and flourishing lives. The cover story of this issue reflects the evolution of Earth by merging an unknown planet in a unified scene with different landscapes throughout the history such as glacier, desert, ocean, mountain, river and magma. The contrast between the past to reality can best illustrate our respect to our motherland. It is not only the subjects of geoscience studies, but also the common goal of all multidisciplinary research and the shared duties of mankind to understand, care and protect our planet to build a better future.
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May 28, 2021 Volume 2, Issue 2
> Editorial
2D materials: Rising star for future applications
--Xiaolong Zou et al.
> News & Buzz
Accelerated spread of Fukushima's waste water by ocean circulation
--Gengxin Chen et al.
> Commentary
China starts the world¡¯s hardest ¡°Sky-High Road¡± project: Challenges and countermeasures for Sichuan-Tibet railway
--Yiguo Xue et al.
> Commentary
Single-pixel neutron imaging with artificial intelligence: Breaking the barrier in multi-parameter imaging, sensitivity, and spatial resolution
--Xin Yuan et al.
> Commentary
Mass testing¡ªAn underexplored strategy for COVID-19 control
--Mingwang Shen et al.
> Commentary
Old inspires new: activation and stabilization of iodine in diene-based rubbers
--Ruiting Li et al.
> Commentary
Genetic correlations between COVID-19 and a variety of traits and diseases
--Xiao Chang et al.
> Perspective
From unusual suspect to serial killer: Cyanotoxins boosted by climate change may jeopardize megafauna
--Haijun Wang et al.
> Article
Restored relationship between ENSO and Indian summer monsoon rainfall around 1999/2000
--Xianke Yang et al.
> Article
Impact of immunization programs on 11 childhood vaccine-preventable diseases in China: 1950¨C2018
--Jinhua Pan et al.
> Report
Bridging the knowledge gap on the evolution of the Asian monsoon during 26¨C16 Ma
--Gan Xie et al.
> Report
Coupled deep-mantle carbon-water cycle: Evidence from lower-mantle diamonds
--Wenzhong Wang et al.
> Report
Co3Mo3N¡ªAn efficient multifunctional electrocatalyst
--Yao Yuan et al.
> Report
Liposoluble quinone promotes the reduction of hydrophobic mineral and extracellular electron transfer of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
--Xiaohan Lin et al.
> Report
Generic Seebeck effect from spin entropy
--Peijie Sun et al.
> Report
Unusually thick shear-softening surface of micrometer-size metallic glasses
--J. Dong et al.
> Report
Revealing a peculiar supernova remnant G106.3+2.7 as a petaelectronvolt proton accelerator with X-ray observations
--Chong Ge et al.
> Report
Comparative analyses of aging-related genes in long-lived mammals provide insights into natural longevity
--Zhenpeng Yu et al.
> Report
Nicotine and its metabolite cotinine target MD2 and inhibit TLR4 signaling
--Hongyuan Li et al.
> Report
Phylogenomic tracing of asymptomatic transmission in a COVID-19 outbreak
--Ju Zhang et al.
> Review
Geology, environment, and life in the deepest part of the world¡¯s oceans
--Mengran Du et al.
> Review
Acquired resistance to third-generation EGFR-TKIs and emerging next-generation EGFR inhibitors
--Xiaojing Du et al.
> Review
Genomic Variation, Origin Tracing and Vaccine Development of SARS-CoV-2: A Systematic Review
--Tianbao Li et al.
> Review
Intrinsic magnetic topological insulators
--Pinyuan Wang et al.
> Review
Features and futures of X-ray free-electron lasers
--Nanshun Huang et al.


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