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On the cover: On the cover: Nourished by the gigantic data and empowered by increasing computing facilities, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is setting us free from many burdensome routines. With AI muscles, we have become faster and smarter than ever. AI is reshaping the future of industries and our lives, enabling paradigm shifts in many disciplines of science and even paving the road to the metaverse. But scientists are still facing endless choices to navigate their innovation processes as previously. Meanwhile, collaborations are urgently needed amongst researchers from multidisciplinary studies. So we do hope the shared values of truth, righteousness, and peace can be cherished deeply to make our blue planet a better place for the whole ecosystem.
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November 28, 2021 Volume 2, Issue 4
> Editorial
New physical science behind climate change: What does IPCC AR6 tell us?
--Tianjun Zhou
> News & Buzz
Toward post-2020 global biodiversity conservation: Footprint and direction in China
--Fuwen Wei
> News & Buzz
Legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games
--Ning Wang et al.
> Commentary
DTDE: A new cooperative multi-agent reinforcement learning framework
--Guanghui Wen et al.
> Commentary
Mass spectrometry imaging-based multi-modal technique: Next-generation of biochemical analysis strategy
--Chao Zhao et al.
> Commentary
Changí»E-5 reveals the Moon's secrets to a longer life
--Ross N. Mitchell
> Commentary
2019nCoVRí¬A comprehensive genomic resource for SARS-CoV-2 variant surveillance
--Guoqing Lu et al.
> Commentary
Mechanism of action of favipiravir against SARS-CoV-2: Mutagenesis or chain termination?
--Lei Zhao et al.
> Perspective
Exposome in human health: Utopia or wonderland?
--Mingliang Fang et al.
> Article
Host-specific asymmetric accumulation of mutation types reveals that the origin of SARS-CoV-2 is consistent with a natural process
--Ke-Jia Shan et al.
> Report
Repeating fast radio bursts from collapses of the crust of a strange star
--Jinjun Geng et al.
> Report
A comprehensive framework for seasonal controls of leaf abscission and productivity in evergreen broadleaved tropical and subtropical forests
--Xueqin Yang et al.
> Report
Higher plant photosynthetic capability in autumn responding to low atmospheric vapor pressure deficit
--Yawen Wang et al.
> Report
Human-caused increases in reactive nitrogen burial in sediment of global lakes
--Mei Wang et al.
> Report
A dual-targeted multifunctional nanoformulation for potential prevention and therapy of Alzheimer's disease
--Dongju Zhao et al.
> Report
Behavioral innovation promotes alien bird invasions
--Daiping Wang et al.
> Report
Energy constrains to increasing complexity in the biosphere
--Gengyuan Liu et al.
> Report
Direct conversion of CO2 to a jet fuel over CoFe alloy catalysts
--Lei Zhang et al.
> Report
Enhanced catalytic performance of Pt by coupling with carbon defects
--Yan Dong et al.
> Report
Determining structures in a native environment using single-particle cryoelectron microscopy images
--Jing Cheng et al.
> Report
Urban-rural disparity of the short-term association of PM2.5 with mortality and its attributable burden
--Tao Liu et al.
> Review
Applications and potentials of nanopore sequencing in the (epi)genome and (epi)transcriptome era
--Shangqian Xie et al.
> Review
Greenspace and human health: An umbrella review
--Bo-Yi Yang et al.
> Review
Nanotechnology-enhanced immunotherapy for metastatic cancer
--Peisen Zhang et al.
> Review
Electro-responsive actuators based on graphene
--Yong-Lai Zhang et al.
> Review
Intelligent financial fraud detection practices in post-pandemic era
--Xiaoqian Zhu et al.
> Review
Artificial Intelligence: A Powerful Paradigm for Scientific Research
--Yongjun Xu et al.
> Review
Technologies and perspectives for achieving carbon neutrality
--Fang Wang et al.


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